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1. Welcome to the IREDA base!

Introduction to the database

This website is dedicated to the inventory of the demographic censuses and surveys realized in Africa

In the IREDA Information tab, you will find this first document, 'Welcome', which is an introduction to this database. It quickly introduces you to its contents and lets you know how to query it.

In addition, this tab contains four other documents for a more detailed view:
• the complete presentation of the IREDA project (‘Overview’)
• the ‘List of national demographic operations’ that were carried out from 1944 to 2019 for all African countries
• a document that details the ‘Scopes’ used for the operations described with their resources
• finally, the ‘Origin’ of the project which explains how and why it was created.


In this database, you will find, for each of the 23 countries covered, the list of its demographic operations (censuses and surveys), their description and the documents relating to them, whatever their source (statistical offices, research organizations or others). You can search the database using four different ways:
• via a direct access to the listed operations (2nd tab),
• by executing a research on operations (3rd tab),
• by searching directly for a document (4th tab),
• by consulting the general bibliographies by country or on data collection, or the full text publications of the Groupe de Demographie Africaine (5th tab).
For each operation, there is at your disposal: a summary of the collection characteristics (1st tab:‘Detail’) and a set of resources relating to this operation, coming from the NSO or research, sorted out by type (2nd tab: ’Resources’).
The database is also a remotely harvestable OAI/PMH repository:
The metadata of the IREDA database can be reused and completed, as long as you cite the authors listed in the notice and do not make any commercial use of it, according to the following Creative Commons license:
‘Attribution - No Commercial Use - Sharing under the Same Conditions 3.0 France (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 FR)’.
For more details, see: Creative Commons
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